The Stow-Munroe Falls Booster Club is known as THE Booster Club. We were founded in 1950 by a small group of Stowites lead by D. R. Mackenroth, the Club’s first president. Their original charter called themselves “a group of interested citizens whose aim is to help furnish our young athletes the extra equipment, banquets, facilities and trophies that the high school athletic department can’t financially handle.” It’s not that different than today’s Mission Statement: The Stow-Munroe Falls Booster Club supports all the student- athletes of Stow-Munroe Falls High School by providing enthusiasm and attendance at their activities, providing equipment and facilities as needed, and financially through awards and scholarships.

The Booster Club meets monthly, but the officers, the Board of Directors and the various committees work continuously to provide the best for the students, athletes and fans here in Stow. Fundraising events are scheduled throughout the year, with great support from parents, local businesses and teachers and coaches. The Board of Directors is made up of the officers of the Club and the chairpersons of the standing committees.

We pride ourselves on supporting all teams at Stow, not just a few. We also provide support for Kimpton Middle School, as well as club sports at the High School. If you’re not a member and want to be, or have questions concerning our activities, we can be reached at P.O. Box 1445, Stow Ohio 44224, or via phone at the emails listed on our officers page.


The Booster Club conducts fundraising events are scheduled throughout the year, with great support from parents, local businesses and teachers and coaches. The Board of Directors is made up of the officers of the Club and the chairpersons of the standing event committees. The events/committees include:

Membership – Nicole Marconi[email protected]

Advertising/PR – Cheryl Evans[email protected]

Volunteers – Cheryl Evans[email protected]

Concessions – Tom Harrell[email protected]

Hall of Fame – Dave Reinhart[email protected]

Reverse Raffle – Scotte Rorabaugh – [email protected]

Mulch Mania – Rose Bentley – [email protected]

Golf Outing – Scotte Rorabaugh – [email protected]


Scotte Rorabaugh

Zoe Walsh
Vice President

Heather Byerly

Jon Hunt

Board of Trustees
Rose Bentley
Beth Harrington
Stephanie Patterson
Katie Stewart
Todd Turner


The Stow-Munroe Falls Booster Club provides a minimum of four non-renewable $1000 scholarships to Stow-Munroe Falls High School seniors pursuing post-secondary studies including professional, vocational, and academic studies not limited to colleges and universities.

2021 Parent Involvement Form
2021 Coaches Recommendation Form
2021 Teacher Recommendation Form

By-Laws/Treasurers Report



Marc & Jenn Abernathy
John & Amy Adams
Rod & Kathy Armstrong
Dan & Stacey Bainbridge
Palmer & Sherri Barr
Bill Barry
Maryellen Barry
Todd & Debbie Barry
Lorn Batten
Mike & Cate Beck
Ben & Rose Bentley
Terrie & Jennifer Betz
Karen Bindus
Brian & Ann Borthwick
Mark & Melissa Bowers
Tyler Buckwalter
Robert & Melissa Bysura
Scott & Amy Casenhiser
Jason & Heather Cheetham
Jim & Theresa Croyle
Aaron DeBord
Craig & Jamie DeLorenzo
Joe & Jeannie Denton
Dan & Sundee DiGiammarino
Pete & Lisa Dunlap
Todd & Amanda Dunmire
Todd & Sheryl Dunn
Mike & Gena Dupan
Ted & Kelley Engle
Craig & Cheryl Evans
Cyle Feldman
Jason & Cindy Flatt
Nancy Freilino
Dave & Cheryl Fuller
Kevin & Heather Galioto
Jacob & Cyla Geopfert
Jon & Shannon Gilbow
Myron Gray
Ted & Jen Gregory
Tom & Kim Harrell
Marty & Beth Harrington
Brian & Nicole Hastings
John & Shauna Heeg
Russell & Vanessa Heeman
Scott & Jennifer Hertle
Tricia & Matt Hodge
Daniel & Erin Hosek
Chris & Traci Hricik
Chris & Brooke Huff
Jon & Pam Hunt
Todd & Jamie Hurst
Carrie Hutchinson
John & Shauna Hutchinson
Kathy Jambor
Dave & Antoinette Jenkins
Nathan & Christina Jones
Brian & Julie Kerekes
Dave & Carrie Klingensmith
Kurt Kollar
Tim & Candace Kyer
Dan & Jodi Lenc
Barbara Mancine
Nate & Nicole Marconi
George & Kimberly Markulis
John Martin
Dan & Melissa Marzec
Michael & Sandra Mennell
Chris & JJ Mesko-Kimmich
Ryan Miller
Frank & Julie Miller
Adam & Kristen Milligan
Rick & Jess Moore
Sara Morrison
Lori Nannetti
KC Nemec
Justin & Jennifer Oshel
Ted & Jacquie Owens
Jim & Linda Palmeri
Dave & Stephanie Patterson
Greg & Kristen Peeler
Michael & Melissa Perrotta
Joe & Julie Petrecca
Greg & Melissa Pockl
Bob Podges
Ken & Andrea Polcyn
Brian Poston
Jason & Chelsea Reed
Dave Reinhart
David Renningel
Jason & Nicole Rice
Martin & Amy Rickelman
George & Kimberly Ridings
Dean & Sherry Romano
Scotte & Amy Rorabaugh
Jay & Amy Sabatini
Tom & Becky Scarberry
Jim & Becky Scelza
Matt & Shawna Schneider
Myron Shawala lll
Christie Sheets
Nate & Heather Shinsky
Janis Sommer
Scott & Jillian Spath
Matt & Kristie Spiegel
Eric & Jenny Walls
Zoe Walsh
Eric & Lauran Weber
Matt & Kim Zepp

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The Stow-Munroe Falls Booster Club meets monthly on the second Wednesday of the month. Meetings begin at 7:00pm in the Lecture Hall located on the lower level, below the Commons, at the High School.